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we're here but the area
is still burning
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You choose, I seduce
color as my manipulation tool
How can I amaze the viewer with fruits and vegetables again?
I have to confess that I have an obsession with food.

‘You choose, I seduce’ is a project where I, as a staged photographer, experimented with what the role of colour on food is and how I can use colour as my manipulation tool to play with the food consumer. This leads to a series of still lifes where, first, I showed my concern towards the makability of these products and, on the other hand, I constantly explored how I could alienate fruits and vegetables using color to make it more astonishing for the viewer. In this constant play I discovered how I could seduce the viewer or use repulsion to mislead the consumer.
Body & Soul
Canvas & Ceramics
Early spring WOTH launched a special campaign called ‘Fresh Design’ inviting creatives, makers and designers to pitch their ideas. It gradually grew into a wild bunch of miscellaneous talents. They are offering an alternative platform to host their work, hoping to fill some of the void caused by cancelled shows, due to various lockdowns. From this harvest online they picked one project which they made into a larger scale production with their in-house team.

I painted the scenography serving as a background for the ceramics of Francoise Jeffrey, who started making ceramic objects and vases, honouring the memory of her deceased mother.

WOTH Wonderful Things Magazine is a platform and an international print magazine appearing 2 times a year in a voluminous English edition and twice as a tabloid. September 2016 WOTH launched in Amsterdam, partly funded by a successful crowdfunding campaign.
Ven y juega conmigo
The elements of Rota
Come and play with me
Ven y juego conmigo or "Come and play with me" is created in the beautiful town called Rota, with great thanks to all the locals. I used the streets as my studio, the sun as my lamp and I played with the objects I found. I spent days with the fishermen, on food markets and in restaurants. There I saw how food sources are treated fairly and purely.

I felt the urge to portray how consciously and sustainably they are with their food culture and eating habits. It is an ode to Rota and it’s inspiring people. My still lifes are a reflection of their Spanish food culture in Southern Spain.

Rota, Spain
Dear you,
we're here but the area
is still burning
Fashion in Amsterdam makes you want to explore. Do you still notice all the small things that happen around you daily? The world is affected by us and just like fashion, everything changes at a glance. I believe we should be more conscious about our impact on the earth with our fashion choices. With “Dear you, we’re here but the area is still burning”, I invite you all to celebrate handcrafted sustainable fashion from Amsterdam.

Self quarantine studies
Nothing changed. I still play around with you.
Daily Dew
FOAM launched my First Editions in 2018. The two works Blue Papaya and Orange Omelette were chosen from my Daily Dew series.

During the launch of my First Editions, I chose to give the viewer a peek into my studio. I brought my sketches, red, orange and blue paint, along with my canvas and brushes to the top floor of FOAM, to FOAM Editions. A large piece of canvas hung on the wall. At the end of the evening I created a new background for one of my new projects.

FOAM, Amsterdam
Teenage Fantasy
Portraits of singer Dimoh
Tutti Frutti
Het Schrijvende Meisje
Villa Mondriaan, museum in Winterswijk, invited me to make a new series inspired by the early works of Mondriaan. My decision was made easily: I saw the drawing Writing Girl for the series Het Schrijvende Meisje. In the drawing of Piet Mondriaan we see a young woman. My fantasy took over and imagined the woman in regional attire naked under her dress. This way the innocent woman in Mondriaans drawing get a whole new meaning.

Villa Mondriaan, Winterswijk
My feeder is a photographer
Poké bowl with mango
Check your plate and lick your fingers ‘cause my feeder is a photographer! Melkweg Expo invited photographers to give their favorite recipe a new face. Food that cures your hangover, a cocktail to get that party started and dessert just to get laid. Each of these recipes has a story worth sharing. But can one image really tell all the flavors? The chef fed a special VIP audience during the opening evening with my chosen recipe: a poké bowl.

Melkweg Expo, Amsterdam